Visual Designer, Filmmaker & Photographer from Catania.

About Me

I’m Samir Kharrat, a italian visual designer, ui designer, filmmaker and photographer from Catania. I love branding, graphic design, web design, UI Design, fashion photography, portraiture, high end retouching, minimalism, monochrome (Black+White), cinematography, symbolism and technology.
I started my professional career as graphic designer and web designer. I currently work for the communication and advertisement agency "A\Tratti". I am the founding member of the association of videomaker "Ciak Catania”.

My personal interests are:
visual design, graphic design, web design, UI\UX Design, branding, high end retouching, fashion, photography, digital video, videoart, editing, post production, color correction, color grading, motion graphics, visual effects, direction, director of photography, concept design, editorial design, typography design, logo design, icon design, poster design, printed, fine art, creativity, art direction, advertising, marketing & strategy communication, social media marketing.
I love listening to different kinds music when I design and I like to devour movie after movie.

last video as filmmaker videomaker
awards and reviews
google prizes photography 2012 web talent show - wilab 2012