Contact Me, Visual Designer, Filmmaker & Photographer from Catania.

What I do

I'm Samir Kharrat, a italian visual designer, ui designer, filmmaker and photographer from Catania. I love branding, graphic design, web design, fashion photography, portraiture, high end retouching and UI Design.

I'm available for any kind of freelance work and creative.

e-mail: info [at] samirkharrat [dot] com
skype: samirkharrat87


In life there are two types of choices: those who take others for you and those taken by our will, for this reason I try every day to feed my motives. I'm influenced only by what I think is right for me.

I am that kind of person fully convinced of own ideas. I'm a little bit of everything, I'm a little bit of nothing, I'm fucking stubborn, I'm a crazy creative. I'm an ambitious bastard. I'm Samir Kharrat and this is my reality to see things.

Self Portrait